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Structural Fire Loads

In the design of buildings, loads caused by gravity, wind, and earthquake must be considered by the structural designer. Gravity loads, both dead and live, are always present but somewhat variable and hard to forecast because of lack of knowledge about extremes and are considered to be the most important loads. Continue reading “Structural Fire Loads”


Principles of Highway Engineering & Traffic Analysis

This fifth edition of Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis continues the spirit of the previous four editions by again focusing exclusively on highway transportation and providing the depth of coverage necessary to solve the highway-related problems that are most likely to be encountered in engineering practice. Continue reading “Principles of Highway Engineering & Traffic Analysis”

Practicle Guide to Project Planning

This book was born out of a market need that I began noticing when I first started working in project management. Everybody was interested in seeing examples of project documents to discuss and analyze the models and best practices used in the PMI standards, published in the PMBOK Guide. Continue reading “Practicle Guide to Project Planning”

Designing Tall Buildings


The first of its kind, Designing Tall Buildings is an accessible reference
that guides the reader through the fundamental principles of designing
high-rises. Continue reading “Designing Tall Buildings”

HandBook Of Civil Engineering Calculations

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This handbook presents a comprehensive collection of civil engineering calculation procedures useful to practicing civil engineers, surveyors, structural designers, drafters, candidates for professional engineering licenses, and students. Continue reading “HandBook Of Civil Engineering Calculations”

Surveying Problem Solving with Theory & Objective Type Questions

This book adopts a classical pedagogical approach by providing a vivid insight into the theory of surveying and its application through solving typical problems in the field of surveying. It aims at helping the students understand surveying more comperhensively through solving field related problems. Continue reading “Surveying Problem Solving with Theory & Objective Type Questions”

Advanced Multi-Project Managment

Have you ever felt as if most project portfolio management (PPM) advice just adds work and slows you down? That’s probably because it does. One of the most popular sayings in the world of PMOs is “project management is about doing things right. Continue reading “Advanced Multi-Project Managment”

High-Rise Buildings Under Multi-Hazard Environment

Many urban areas are located in typhoon or hurricane prone regions simultaneously with moderate seismicity. Tall buildings and structures are often designed with separate consideration of each hazard action. Continue reading “High-Rise Buildings Under Multi-Hazard Environment”

Bridge Design for the Civil & Structural Professional Engineering Exams

This book is intended to serve both as a study reference for practicing engineering and engineering faculty preparing for civil and structural professional engineering examinations, and as a classroom text for civil engineering seniors and graduate students. Continue reading “Bridge Design for the Civil & Structural Professional Engineering Exams”

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