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Brief on the Construction Planning of the Burj Dubai Project

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National Library of China

No 33 Zhongguancun Road South, Beijing, China 100081
TYPE        EducationalLibrary
YEAR       2008
SIZE         1,000,000 +

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The task was to extend the existing library by 77.000 m² in order to accommodate approximately 12 million books, some 12,000people per day visit the National Library. An important future-oriented part of the extension of the existing library is the “Digital Library”. Continue reading “National Library of China”

The United Arab Emirates Just Released Plans to Build a City on Mars

Get ready for the future!


NASA and SpaceX aren’t the only players in the Mars colonization game, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) having just outlined an ambitious plan of its own: to build a city the size of Chicago on the Red Planet.

While US interests are intent on shipping us to Mars within the next two decades, the UAE is taking a decidedly more long-term view, with its “Mars 2117″project set to design, build, and populate a human colony on Mars over the course of the next 100 years.

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Passenger drones will begin flying over Dubai this summer

Welcome to the age of Personal Flying Vehicles.


The single-rider, human-sized quadcopter that whipped CES 2016 into a frenzy could be carrying passengers as early as this summer. As the head of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency announced at the World Government summit today, the Chinese EHang 184 passenger drone will begin “regular operations” around the futuristic city in July of 2017.

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Openings in Concrete Beams – Effects on Strength and Serviceability


Transverse openings in concrete beams could be different in shapes and sizes as shown in Figure 1. Even though a large number of transverse openings with various shapes and sizes might employ, but it is better to use circular shape to make rooms for service pipes, for example, electrical supply and plumbing, and using rectangular transverse opening through for accommodating rectangular ducts of air conditioners. Continue reading “Openings in Concrete Beams – Effects on Strength and Serviceability”

Finding a new formula for concrete

“If we can replace cement, partially or totally, with some other materials that may be readily and amply available in nature, we can meet our objectives for sustainability,” MIT Professor Oral Buyukozturk says.

Researchers look to bones and shells as blueprints for stronger, more durable concrete. Continue reading “Finding a new formula for concrete”

With new model, buildings may “sense” internal damage

System predicts how MIT’s tallest structure responds to vibrations, may help monitor stress over time.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office
October 18, 2016

(Left to right): M. Nafi Toksöz, professor in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS); Oral Buyukozturk, professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE); and Hao Sun, a postdoc in CEE. The Green Building, behind them, has 36 accelerometers that record vibrations and movements on selected floors, from the building’s foundation to its roof.

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How engineering students are seeking to solve major food and water security problems

Kevin Patrick Simon (left) sets solar panels in place with villagers at a pilot site in Jharkhand, India. Simon, an MIT PhD candidate in mechanical engineering, is studying solar irrigation.

Students with a common passion for food and water security share their research at the MIT Water and Food Security Symposium. Continue reading “How engineering students are seeking to solve major food and water security problems”

دومین اسمان خراش بلند دنیا

دومین آسمان‌خراش بلند دنیا در شانگهای افتتاح شد

پس از شش سال ساخت و ساز، بالاخره Shanghai Tower، دومین آسمان‌خراش بلند جهان در شهر شانگهای چین ساخته شد. برای ساخت پروژه‌های پیاده شده و خود آسمان‌خراش که ۶۳۲ متر ارتفاع دارد، ۲.۴ میلیارد دلار هزینه شده است. این برج قابلیت چرخش تا ۱۲۰ درجه از بالا تا پایین را دارد که برای خنثی سازی اثر نیروی باد برروی ساختمان موثر واقع می‌شود.

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